Hillcrest Memorial Park: A Tranquil Resting Place in West Palm Beach


Hillcrest Memorial Park, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a serene and historic cemetery known for its peaceful surroundings and a rich heritage that dates back over a century. This cemetery offers a final resting place for many residents of the area and is also a place of reflection and remembrance for visitors. Information can be found here.

A Place of History and Heritage

Established in the early 1900s, Hillcrest Memorial Park has served as the final resting place for generations of West Palm Beach residents. The cemetery holds a unique historical significance, with the graves of prominent local figures and veterans of various wars. See here for information about Palm Beach Zoo: A Wildlife Wonderland in West Palm Beach.

Tranquil and Scenic Grounds

The beautifully landscaped grounds of Hillcrest Memorial Park provide a peaceful and calming environment for visitors. Majestic trees, well-maintained gardens, and carefully tended lawns create a tranquil atmosphere for those seeking solace.

A Place for Remembrance

Hillcrest Memorial Park serves as a poignant location for remembrance, offering families and friends a space to pay their respects and honor the memories of their loved ones.

This cemetery in West Palm Beach plays an essential role in preserving the local history and providing a place for reflection and reverence.

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